Washington, D.C.

Evidence-based policy research for smarter business decisions

Established in 2011, Dawson Strategic is a consulting company that specializes in evidence-based policy research in the areas of trade, transportation and infrastructure, and environment/climate change. Our purpose is to help progressive organizations understand, navigate, and leverage Canadian government policy and our research products empower you to make better business decisions.


Policy Research

How do changes to NAFTA affect my business? What is the future of electric vehicles in Canada? How can we enhance North American competitiveness? We regularly undertake customized research projects to answer your most pressing policy questions.

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring and Analysis

Simply tracking the progress of a Bill or regulation that affects your organization is not enough. We spend time upfront to learn your unique needs and provide regular analysis and updates on regulatory, policy, or legislative changes to help your team make the best possible decisions.

Business Development Support

Dawson Strategic is uniquely positioned to help policy-focused Associations and not-for-profits grow by drawing upon our diverse policy expertise and network of contacts and experts across North America and beyond.