With the addition of Professor Ben Perrin, Laura Dawson, Ph.D., Professor Stephen Blank, and Brigadier-General James Cox as Senior Fellows, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute is poised to tackle even more pressing issues facing Canada’s federal government. Our new scholars are recognized experts in their fields of Canada-U.S. relations, trade, defence, human rights, and immigration and we are delighted to have attracted this group of distinguished individuals to MLI.

“The chief foundation stone of any think tank’s work is the quality of the people who contribute to its ideas, thinking and analysis,” said MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley. “By that measure, MLI’s future is bright indeed, for the four people joining our team today have some of the most fertile minds, prolific pens and ardent desire to improve public policy of any of their contemporaries. We are delighted to welcome them to MLI and look forward to bringing their insights to bear on public policy debates in Canada and elsewhere.”

Dawson adds, ” MLI  has launched an interesting and innovative work and fast becoming one of the most important Canadian voices in international affairs. I look forward to developing new work with MLI  on Canada-US competitiveness and energy issues.”