In an interview with World Politics Review,  Laura Dawson argues that Canada’s admission to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is still uncertain. Canada passed up the opportunity to join the negotiations in 2005 when the partnership included only four members.  Once the U.S. entered the negotiations, TPP became a much more important agreement to Canada. In November 2011, Canada’s trade officials launched a charm offensive to build support for admission.  (Read Full Article Here)

Canada has secured the support of six TPP members but the United States, Australia and New Zealand are holding out and membership decisions must be unanimous. While Canada is being pressed to open its dairy market and improve its IP protection prior to admission, the clock is Canada’s real obstacle.  The TPP negotiators have set an ambitious (and probably unrealistic) goal of completing a deal by the end of this year. When time runs out on the current round, negotiators will look for allies on key issues. That will provide Canada with a glimmer of hope but success is far from certain. From the U.S or New Zealand perspective, it might be easier to finish the deal and tell suitors like Canada, Mexico, and Japan to take it our leave it.