In May 2012, Dawson Strategic marked its one year anniversary.  We have so many interesting projects, we barely had time for cake.  However, we could not pass this milestone without thanking the friends, associates and clients who have helped Stefania and I turn an idea into a reality. We are grateful to the organizations that have offered us an institutional home, and colleagues who have helped us build the business with subject matter expertise and good advice.  Here are some of the folks to whom we owe our thanks:

Graeme Andrews, Milos Barutciski, Eric Benjaminson, David Biette, Jim Blanchard,  John Boscariol,  Sam Boutziouvis, David Bradley, Bob Buchan, Felicity Buchanan, Derek Burney, Canada 2020, CBC Newsworld, CBP, CBSA, CD Howe Institute, Canada Institute, Canada-US Law Institute,  John Carwile, Centre for Trade Policy and Law,  CFAX, CHQR, Jason Clemens, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Terence Corcoran, Brian Lee Crowley, Patrick Dawson, Tom D’Aquino,  Bill Dempster, DFAIT, DHS, Gary Doer, Everett Eissenstat, Michael Flavell, Paul Frazer, Globe & Mail, Scotty Greenwood, Dan Hays, Sarah Ireland, Blake Johnston, Simon Kennedy, Jay Kerr-Wilson, Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Declan Hamill, Glenn Hewus, Lawrence Herman, Annette Hester,  Josh Hjartarson, Ross Hornby, Inside U.S. Trade, Institute of the Americas, David Jacobson, Kevin Johnston, Peter Kant,  Stan Korosec, David Kocan, Chris Koddermann, Kelly and Geoff Kubrick, Jean-Michel Laurin, Graham Lindsey, Laura Lochman, Bud Locklear, Donald Mackay, Jeremy Martin, Martin Masse, Brett Mattei, Chris Maule, Macdonald Laurier Institute, Matthew Mendelsohn, Eric Miller, Jane Moffat, Maureen Molot, Matt Morrison, Kayla Meyer, Peggy Morgan, Mowat Centre, Brian Pomper, National Post, Jim Nealon, Don Newman, Kevin O’Reilly, Frank Ostrander, Jim Peterson, PNWER, Regulatory Cooperation Council, Aly-Khan Rajani,  Lou Riccoboni, Bill Robson, Colin Robertson, Phil Rourke, Dane Rowlands, Emily Ruger-Beline, Sue Saarnio, Christopher Sands,Tripti Saha, Luiza Savage, Daniel Schwanen, Charles Shapiro, Jeffrey Simpson, Veso Sobot, Brian Staples,  Jamie Strawbridge, Doug Switzer, Brian Tomlin, Toronto Star, USTR, Marja Verloop, Doris Whitteker, Wendy Williams, Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars, Matthew Wilson, 3sixty public affairs