Dawson Strategic is pleased to announce the formation of the Canada-US Motor Coach Passenger Coalition (MCPC) to streamline the movement of motor coach passengers across the Canada-US border. The Beyond the Border Action Plan announced by Prime Minister Harper and President Obama in February 2011 announced plans to work towards pre-clearance for passengers and cargo by December 2013 .  We believe that the cross-border movement of bus passengers is an ideal focal point for these efforts.

Motor coach travellers generate millions of dollars in economic activity, including spending on accommodation, meals, entertainment and souvenirs. In 2010, US same-day and overnight passengers entering Canada by motor coach contributed $267 million to total tourism revenue. In Canada over the last five years, American motor coach/bus passengers have contributed between $4.2 billion and $8.5 billion to the Canadian economy. This sector makes an important contribution to the tourism industry; yet, motor coaches are confronted with an unpredictable environment when crossing the Canada-U.S. border. Delays during passenger inspection cost motor coach companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and result in the cancellation of trips and serious reputational damage for carriers and tour operators.

The membership of MCPC is drawn from leading representatives of the motor coach and tourism industries from Canada and the United States. We are working with government representatives to expedite passenger movement across the border and provide great predictability to travellers and tour companies. Contact Dawson Strategic for more information about how you can get involved.