Since Dawson Strategic is active in both US and Canadian policy issues, we could not help but be caught up in the drama and speculation leading up to the US presidential elections.

Laura honed her punditry skills as a recurring election panelist on CTV’s Powerplay.  Host Don Martin and various US panellists were a lot of fun but it soon became evident that Laura should not make bets on national television.  She bet that Canada would not be mentioned in the presidential debate – it was, but not in the context of foreign policy, only as part of the Keystone XL pipeline debate. She also played devil’s advocate, predicting a Romney victory on the basis of the Washington Redskins rule (when they lose the home game before the election, the government changes). The Redskins have been correct 17 out of 18, make that 17 out of 19, of the last presidential elections.

The results of the election bode well for Canada, if President Obama is serious in his intention to address the US fiscal crisis and shore-up longer term recovery.  A failing US economy affects Canada’s trade prospects, exchange rates, and global competitiveness. A strong Canadian economy needs a strong U.S. economy.