dawson-to-dateThe 20
th anniversary of the NAFTA has kept us very busy. Thanks to the great team at Dawson Strategic for keeping us on track during a hectic time.

In support of the North American Vision report, I travelled to Mexico City, Tijuana, Washington, and San Diego.  Now that we have added two more papers on Canada-Mexico trade relations, my outreach and public speaking schedule has included Calgary, Phoenix, Cleveland, Toronto, and Dallas. These talks have ranged from closed briefings at government agencies to public speeches at think tanks and industry symposia.

The trilateral focus of our research work has allowed Dawson team members Jeff Phillips and Yamily Camacho to develop new work on Mexican energy reforms and ports infrastructure.  Be sure to check out the article I co-authored with Jeff Phillips on the Mexican energy reforms in the latest edition of Inside Policy.

From cross-border data flows to insurance services, Canada-U.S. trade and economic relations remain the central focus of our work.  Last month, I attended the DC swearing-in of new U.S. Ambassador to Canada; Bruce Heyman. The next day, I was asked to join a group of Canada-U.S. specialists to provide a day-long private briefing to the Ambassador on trade, economic, and political relations.  Once again, Canada is very lucky to have a smart, committed and charismatic ambassador maintaining the information pipeline to Washington (Oh no…did I say pipeline?).

Dawson Strategic now has a continuing relationship with the Canadian School of Public Service to provide training for middle and senior government officials. The two-day How Washington Works course provides essential information about lobbying and legislative and executive policy making.

Our client work keeps us tuned in to new developments in the Regulatory Cooperation Council and Beyond the Border. Fingers are crossed that these important Canada-U.S. initiatives maintain political and industry attention as they head into critical new phases.  I believe that regional and border organizations are key to the success of these programs.  One that I have been closely affiliated with, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, which recently hired Mark Fisher as its full-time Executive Director.  It was a pleasure to pass the CGLR leadership to such a capable individual and assume a position as a CGLR board member.

In all of this, I was honoured to be named one of the Top 100 people influencing Canadian foreign policy by the Hill Times in the Spring 2014 edition of Power & Influence.

Finally, a shout-out Jonathan Punnoose, our intern from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.  He was our digital guru this year and we wish him well.

Warm regards to all,