A new report written by Dawson Strategic for a number of prominent Ontario Construction Associations highlights the need for a modernized skilled trades and apprenticeship system.

Ontario’s construction industry is at a crossroads. There are tremendous opportunities in the skilled trades across Ontario. However, the current system isn’t allowing Ontario to maximize outcomes and provide apprenticeship opportunities.

The Ontario College of Trades, a recently created regulatory body, has been given the mandate to protect the public interest. The report examines how the College has performed to-date and finds that it can do better. The report charts a positive path forward that will allow all stakeholders to have more confidence in the future direction of training in the province by providing more apprenticeship opportunities and lowering barriers into the skilled trades.

Bottom line: We need forward-thinking solutions to transform Ontario into the leading jurisdiction in North America supporting training and apprenticeship outcomes. Addressing our challenges today will allow tomorrow’s skilled trades to have the tools to build the next generation of energy efficient homes and quality public infrastructure.

To read the report in its entirety click HERE.