Dawson OCOTDaily Commercial News reports on the release of Dawson Strategic’s report on modernizing Ontario’s skilled trades and apprenticeship system at an event hosted by several prominent industry associations.

Dr. Laura Dawson outlined some of the major findings of the report to attendees and industry spokespeople commented on the importance of the findings. From the article:

“What we’re saying is, if you increase the regulation, you decrease mobility into and between sectors, and that decreases the number of workers and increases costs,” Dawson states.

She also says the growing skills gap is impacting the industry, making it difficult to remain competitive.

“Across sectors in Ontario, the skills gap represents a loss of about $4.1 billion in GDP every year and $627 million in provincial tax revenues annually,” she states, with construction leading the way.

“Among tower crane operators, most are 10 years from retirement. We have this real gap in skills and we’re not bringing enough youth into the market to replace it.”

Let's get skilled trades rightRatio requirements were also taken into consideration in the report, states Dawson, and it’s cited that expert observers are “drawn to conclude that Ontario’s current system is restrictive, dated, and unjustifiable.”

Download the full Dawson Strategic report on modernizing Ontario’s skilled trades here.