Laura Dawson will chair an upcoming conference of small businesses, investors, and experts in Mississauga, Ontario, Expand in the USA, on June 16 and 17.

“The bedrock of the Canadian economy rests on our trade with the United States,” said Laura Dawson, who is also chairing the conference. “Despite some bumps, Canada-U.S. economic relations are looking up. Canada exports more to the United States in three days than it sells to India in a whole year − we need to keep our eye on the real prize.”

While many Canadian small businesses may have the drive to expand their operations south of the border, they may not yet have the knowledge or the tools to do so. The conference tackles many issues of major strategic importance, including with respect to dealing with agents and distribution partners; moving goods across the border; putting the right teams in place; cross-border travel and transfers; selling to the U.S government; risks of being sued; cultural differences; selling through retail channels, and many of the under-appreciated factors, which often lead to costly mistakes.

Learn more about Expand in the USA on the conference website.