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Norway’s Ambassador to Canada, Mona Elisabeth Brøther, wrote a piece for the Huffington Post Canada summarizing the findings of Dawson Strategic’s recent report on Norway’s Impact on the Canadian Economy. Ambassador Brøther writes,

“Norway and Canada have a strong trade and investment relationship built on complementary resource endowments, similar levels of development, and shared interests and values. Norway’s investment in Canada supports Canadian GDP and jobs, and Norwegian investments supply Canada’s economy with much-needed capital. In spite of the heavily materials-based outputs of both countries, the relationship makes a unique contribution to the knowledge and innovation economy. There are 73 Norwegian and Norwegian-affiliated companies operating in Canada. These companies employ more than 4,400 Canadians in permanent jobs.”

Her article is an excellent overview of the key findings of the report.

Read her full article here.

Download the full report, Norway’s Impact on the Canadian Economy, here.