(Alex Panetta/Canadian Press)

The fact that President-Elect Donald Trump has mentioned that the Keystone XL pipeline will be approved during his administration has caused some heads to turn in Canada. Trump has promised to grant a permit to the project that would carry more than 800,000 thousand barrels of oil a day from Alberta to refineries in Texas. President Barack Obama rejected the pipeline last year. Even with this controversial promise, the revival of the pipeline is not a slam-dunk.

Jeffrey Phillips spoke with CBC’s Margo McDiarmid to discuss what the possible revival of this project would mean for Canada. “Canadians maybe can’t believe this zombie pipeline, that cannot be killed, has re-emerged again,” said Jeff during the interview. Phillips predicted Trump’s campaign promises to approve Keystone XL may come up against the reality of the controversial project. “Even if the new U.S. administration is supportive and gives its approval, there are still a lot of key steps that have to happen before that pipeline gets built.”

For more information please see the full article by Margo McDiarmid in CBC News available at: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/keystone-xl-trump-carr-1.3852682