Can we improve the coordination of how trade agreements are negotiated to better support vital bi-national supply chains like those in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region? This is the key question addressed in an August 2017 Policy Options (the publication of the Institute for Research on Public Policy or IRPP) article by Mark Fisher, Jeffrey Phillips, and Jesse Schuster-Leibner.

Despite the realities of deeply intertwined supply chains that cross national borders, when it comes to international trade agreements, partner countries like Canada and the United States often “part ways and hope that things work out for the sectors most impacted.”

This article makes the case for increased coordination and cooperation between Canada, the United States, and Mexico in negotiating future trade agreements, particularly with respect to cross-border or cross-continental industries. The upcoming renegotiation of NAFTA presents an opportunity for all three North American countries to work together to find new ways of improving the performance of the commercial platforms that extend across their respective borders.

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