About Dawson Strategic

Our purpose is to help progressive organizations understand, navigate, and leverage government policy in the areas of international trade, clean transportation and energy, and digital technology. Our evidence-based policy research empowers you to make better business decisions.


The world of trade policy is full of complexity. After serving as Senior Advisor on Canada-U.S. economic affairs to two U.S. Ambassadors to Canada, Dr. Laura Dawson saw a need in the market for plain-language, persuasive, evidence-based research on trade issues. The idea is simple: help businesses, associations, and not-for-profits understand the nature and implications of policy developments and plan accordingly.

Shortly after launching the company, Dr. Dawson teamed up with former student Jeffrey Phillips. Drawing upon his experience in the public sector, Mr. Phillips works to strengthen clients’ understanding of the Canadian policy landscape, particularly in the areas of transportation, energy and digital policy.

The Dawson Strategic team is here for you. We work closely with you to understand the nature of your business and operating environment before applying that lens to the ever-shifting policy landscape.