Company Profile


Expertise. Dawson Strategic works with its clients to navigate the maze of trade and border agreements and to ensure that our clients have a voice in policy making. We cover such issue areas as Canada-US border agreements (Beyond the Border, Regulatory Cooperation Council),  WTO, NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership and bilateral agreements. We have expertise across sectors, including but not limited to transportation, foreign investment, energy, government procurement, labour mobility, agriculture and food, and trade in services.

Network. Dawson Strategic has a unique expertise and broad network in U.S. business and policy communities. Our network of partners and affiliates extends across the United States, Mexico and Latin America. We work with companies based in Canada operating in international markets, and with those based outside of Canada doing business here. We offer the benefits of our knowledge across sectors and unmatched understanding of Canadian and American policy and regulatory systems. 

Approach. Dawson Strategic believes in providing its clients with a full understanding of the intricacies of complex trade, investment and border issues and policies. We apply our comprehensive research and strategic analysis to create thoughtful and effective advocacy strategies targeting the right government organizations and individuals. Our approach combines in-depth research and analysis with lobbying and media relations to raise awareness of our client’s interests with government and the public.

Training, Development, and Pro Bono. Dawson Strategic provides technical training in trade, investment and financial issues for government and business audiences in Canada and abroad. We have several years of experience designing and implementing international projects in developing and transition economies for such international donors as CIDA, IDB, USAID, and DFID. From time to time, Dawson Strategic will take on a development project on a pro bono basis in areas where need is high and resources are low.  Current priorities include financial inclusion for micro- and small-businesses, business support for women entrepreneurs, and corporate social responsibility in the extractive sector. Please contact us directly for more information (