Laura Dawson

Laura Dawson, PhD, President of Dawson Strategic,  has more than  fifteen years’ experience providing advice to government officials on trade and economic issues in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Russia and CIS, and China. (BRIEF BIO)

North America

  • Senior advisor on US-Canada economic issues for the U.S. Department of State
  • Experienced interagency liaison on economic affairs with the Government of the United States (NSC, USTR, Commerce, Treasury, DHS, FAS, CBP, DOT, and OMB-OIRA)  and
  • Government of  Canada (PCO, DFAIT, Agriculture, Finance, Industry, Heritage, Transport, CIDA, CBSA, CFIA, and Treasury Board)

Recent Initiatives

  • US-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council
  • Border Vision Strategy
  • NAFTA Chapter 11
  • US-Canada Government Procurement Agreement (Buy American)
  • Collateralized Lending (Secured Transactions) Reform in the Caribbean

Emerging and Developing Economies

  • Work in developing countires includes advice  WTO accession/implementation in China, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Russia
  • Project lead on multi-million dollar technical assistance projects for international donor agencies including Canadian International Development Agency, USAID, Department for International Development (UK) and Inter-American Development Bank
  • Design of customized training in negotiation strategies, policy formulation, advocacy and public consultation

Education and Experience

  • PhD (Political Science) specializing in international economic policy; Senior Associate, Centre for Trade Policy and Law;
  • Associate Professor, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs;
  • Senior Economic Specialist, United States Embassy (Ottawa)