Laura Dawson


Laura Dawson, PhD, founder of Dawson Strategic, has more than fifteen years’ experience providing advice to businesses and government around the world on trade, regulatory, and border issues. The Hill Times named her one of the Top 100 Canadian foreign policy influencers of 2014. She is the Director of the Canada Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC and continues to serve as emeritus advisor of Dawson Strategic. (BIO BRIEF)



North America

  • Senior advisor on US-Canada economic issues for the U.S. Department of State
  • Experienced interagency liaison on economic affairs major economic departments in the U.S. and Canadian federal and sub-federal governments.
  • Dawson contributed to the launch of the US-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council, the Beyond the Border Strategy, US-Canada Government Procurement Agreement
  • Co-author of The San Diego Agenda: North American Competitiveness (2013)

Client Issues and Policy Areas

NAFTA 2.0, Mexico within North American supply chains, Taiwan’s accession to the TPP, Canada-Norway trade and investment linkages, payments protection for the Canada-US fresh produce industry, Great Lakes regional economy, cross-border labour mobility, Canada’s role in the digital economy, economic impacts of Canada’s new anti-corruption rules, provincial regulation of financial services, cross-border contraband, rules of origin within a global economy, risks and opportunities facing new exporters, trade agreements and Canadian pharmaceutical policy, provincial strategies for internal trade reform, government procurement in the aviation sector, North American transportation corridors, How Washington Works training for government officials, market and border monitoring for utility truck manufacturers, Canadian opportunities from Mexican energy reform.

International Economies

Dawson has provided advice on economic and trade issues in Taiwan, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Cuba, Central America and the Caribbean.

Education and Experience

  • PhD (Political Science) specializing in international economic policy; Senior Associate, Centre for Trade Policy and Law;
  • Associate Professor, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs;
  • Senior Economic Specialist, United States Embassy (Ottawa)