Papers and Research



2015-03 modernizing ontario's skilled trades


Modernizing Ontario’s Skilled Trades System: Building New Opportunities Through Governance and Regulatory Reform
Dawson Strategic, March 2015



cglr glef backgrounder 2015


Restoration, Transformation and Growth: A New Economic Agenda for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region
Council of the Great Lakes Region, March 2015




2014-11 projected effects of integrity framework


Projected Economic Effects of the Integrity Framework
Dawson Strategic and Ciuriak Consulting, November 2014





2014-10 broadening the conversation Ontario internal trade


Broadening the Conversation Ontario’s Interests in Internal Trade
Mowat Centre, October 2014





2014-09 reasserting canada's competitiveness in the digital economy


Reasserting Canada’s Competitiveness in the Digital Economy
The Internet Association, September 2014





2014-09 finding the hidden dragon usa


Finding the Hidden Dragon: Why Closer Economic Relations with Taiwan Makes the U.S. More Prosperous
Dawson Strategic and Ciuriak Consulting, September 2014




2014-08 finding the hidden dragon canada

Finding the Hidden Dragon: Why Taiwan Matters to Canada’s Economic Future
Dawson Strategic and Ciuriak Consulting, August 2014



2014-06 made in the world


Made in the World: Defragmenting Rules of Origin for more efficient global trade
Canadian Council of Chief Executives, June 2014




2014-05 mexican energy reform

Opportunities for Canada from Mexican Energy Sector Reform: This Time It’s Different
Dawson Strategic, May 2014




canadas trade with mexico why it matters

Canada’s trade with Mexico: Where we’ve been, where we’re going and why it matters
Canadian Council of Chief Executives, February 2014




North American Competitiveness: The San Diego Agenda
Dawson Strategic, Hudson Institute, Mexico Institute, November 2013

Canada and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Entering a New Era of Strategic Trade Policy
Fraser Institute, September 2013

Canada’s Trade Agreements and the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Road to Asia Runs Through Brussels
Fraser Institute, July 2013

Strong Medicine: Can Free Trade Agreements Cure Canada’s Pharmaceutical Ills?
Macdonald-Laurier Institute, June 2013

One Part Proximity, Nine Parts Goodwill: The Canada-U.S. Trade and Border Challenge
Fraser Institute, January 2013

A Safe and Smart Border: The Ongoing Quest in U.S.-Canada Relations
Canada Institute (Woodrow Wilson Center), Fall 2012

Sustaining the Crude Economy: Future prospects for Canada’s global energy competitiveness
Macdonald-Laurier Institute, October 2012

Credit where credit is due: How collateralized lending in the Americas helps MSMEs grow
Presented at the 2nd Inter-American Dialogue of High-Level Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authorities, hosted by the Organization of American States, September 2012

Potash and Blackberries: Should Canada Treat all Foreign Investment the Same?
Macdonald-Laurier Institute Commentary, June 2012

MLI Straight Talk: Laura Dawson on Foreign Investment
Macdonald-Laurier Institute, 2012

Can Canada Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Why just wanting it is not enough
C.D. Howe Institute Commentary, February 2012

Dawson Strategic Submission to Canada’s Consultations on Participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

First, Do No Harm: The Role and Responsibility of Canada as a Destination Country in South-North Migration
Centre for International Governance and Innovation, 2008

Brain Drain, Brain Circulation, Remittances and Development: Prospects for the Caribbean
Centre for International Governance and Innovation, 2007