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The Canada-China Trade Relationship

By Samukele Ncube (Intern, Dawson Strategic) June 12, 2017 As part of Canada’s broader diversification strategy to reduce trade dependence on the United States, there has been a renewed interest in strengthening Canada’s trade relationship with China. The two countries share a long-standing bilateral relationship across several key areas such as trade, governance, energy, and […]

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Report: Finding the Hidden Dragon

A new report on Canada-Taiwan relations by Dawson Strategic and Ciuriak Consulting argues that closer economic engagement with Taiwan makes Canada more prosperous.  Taiwan is Canada’s fourth largest trading partner in Asia. It is a springboard to Asian markets and provides  lucrative opportunities to commercialize Canadian R&D for global markets.  But despite robust informal trade relationships, […]

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De-fragmenting Rules of Origin

Rules of origin have many uses in the global economy, including whether a product qualifies for preferential treatment in a free trade agreement, but, the complexity of these rules can undermine their  effective use within cross-border supply chains. A recent report, authored by Laura Dawson and Brian Staples, commissioned by the Canadian Council of Chief […]

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Looking Beyond LNG Exports

By Jeffrey Phillips, Energy Consultant and Guest Contributor The terms “game changer” and “revolution” are typically used to describe the shale gas phenomenon in North America, and rightfully so.  The combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (or ‘fracking’) has made the recovery of natural gas from shale economically viable, leading to increased natural gas […]

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