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  October 10, 2017 By Noah Arshinoff and Samukele Ncube If round 3 of the NAFTA re-negotiation was trying to emulate the undeserved sleepy reputation of its host city (Ottawa), it succeeded. Most contentious issues remain in the realm of political speaking points and have yet to hit the reality of the negotiating table. Politicians […]

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Jeffrey Phillips in CBC on climate change targets

Dawson Strategic Managing Director Jeffrey Phillips is quoted in a CBC News story on the Canadian government’s new emission reduction targets. Although Canada had previously indicated aligning its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets with the United States, it now appears Canada’s targets will diverge and ultimately be less ambitious. Regardless, “whatever the new commitment is, […]

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Dawson To-Date

The 20th anniversary of the NAFTA has kept us very busy. Thanks to the great team at Dawson Strategic for keeping us on track during a hectic time. In support of the North American Vision report, I travelled to Mexico City, Tijuana, Washington, and San Diego.  Now that we have added two more papers on […]

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The Contraband Tobacco Trade

On March 4, 2014, the Canada Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC convened representatives from federal government departments on both sides of the border, media, think tanks, First Nations leaders, the business community and subject-matter experts for a panel discussion on the problem of cross-border smuggling and border vulnerabilities on tribal lands […]

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