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Regulatory Cooperation: From Sweet Simplicity to Fiendish Complexity

  Easier, better, faster, and less expensive: US-Canada regulatory cooperation promises to be a boon to supply chain management.  Since early 2011, the two countries have been putting together a cooperative framework to reduce regulatory inefficiencies and streamline certification and testing procedures. Canada released a summary of stakeholder suggestions in late August.  The report classifies […]

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Short Takes: Borders and Regulations

No Fence – David V. Aguilar, deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection says, “Any fence that is being considered at the northern border is specific to a port of entry footprint or complex. There is no intent at the current time to build a fence between the ports of entry.” Thanks Bilateralist.com for […]

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Is There Life Beyond the Border?

The Obama and Harper governments have big plans to make the border easier for traders and travellers.  The Beyond the Border (BTB) initiative is the kind of high-level bilateral cooperation that we haven’t seen since the pre-NAFTA days.  But, unprecedented cooperation and nimble government footwork will be required to put meat on the bones of this agreement.  […]

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