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Is There Life Beyond the Border?

The Obama and Harper governments have big plans to make the border easier for traders and travellers.  The Beyond the Border (BTB) initiative is the kind of high-level bilateral cooperation that we haven’t seen since the pre-NAFTA days.  But, unprecedented cooperation and nimble government footwork will be required to put meat on the bones of this agreement.  […]

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CFIB report on small business and cross-border trade

According to the report, Border Barriers: SMEs’ experience with cross-border trade,  released by the Canadian Federation for Independent Business, the number one obstacle in cross-border trade for smaller companies on both sides of the border relates to the complexity of the process and its related paperwork. The common thread in the problems faced by small business is […]

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Border Challenges for Small Business

At the Great Lakes Summit hosted by the Mowat Centre and Brookings Institution talking about strategies for regional cooperation for shared development and growth today.  My key focus is on small business (SME) border challenges. More employment growth is generated through SMEs than largercompanies Most Canadian SMEs export but most US SMEs do not.  Canada is […]

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