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Jeffrey Phillips in CBC on climate change targets

Dawson Strategic Managing Director Jeffrey Phillips is quoted in a CBC News story on the Canadian government’s new emission reduction targets. Although Canada had previously indicated aligning its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets with the United States, it now appears Canada’s targets will diverge and ultimately be less ambitious. Regardless, “whatever the new commitment is, […]

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Did You Know?

Canada’s #1 cultural export is romance. Writing and published works are Canada’s most significant cultural exports, and Toronto-based Harlequin publishing and its famous romances lead the pack. The company publishes 110 titles per month in 34 languages, reaching 110 international markets across six continents! With half its books sold overseas and nearly 95% international sales, […]

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Issues and Interests in the TPP

Having received the blessing of US Congress on October 9th, Canada will take its seat at the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiating table in New Zealand on December 3rd for the 15th round of negotiations towards what is being dubbed a “next generation 21st century trade agreement”. Some progress has been made in areas such as market […]

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TPP Maybe? Maybe Not

In an interview with World Politics Review,  Laura Dawson argues that Canada’s admission to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is still uncertain. Canada passed up the opportunity to join the negotiations in 2005 when the partnership included only four members.  Once the U.S. entered the negotiations, TPP became a much more important agreement to Canada. In November […]

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