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Mixed signals on foreign investment

Canada is currently losing its position as a beacon for FDI. Between 1995 and 2004, FDI was equal to about 15 percent of domestic business investment, but that has now fallen to about seven percent. Key to our long-term success is a predictable, stable environment for investment and business development that starts with neutral depoliticized […]

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TPP: Just wanting is not enough

The rules and commitments of the TransPacific Partnership Agreement will extend far beyond that of any existing multilateral free trade agreement, essentially re-defining the rules of global trade. Canada needs a seat at negotiations toward this ‘new generation’ agreement in order to reap the full benefits of doing business with the emerging powerhouse economies of […]

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Canada publishes stakeholder comments on borders and regs

As the clock ticks down on the Canada-US Beyond the Border and Regulatory Cooperation initiatives, businesses and interest groups are taking advantage of the public comment process to influence the governmental agendas for these programs.  The US sought comments on regulatory cooperation through a Federal Register notice while Canada established a dedicated consultation website.  Both of […]

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Financing Small Business in the Americas

Recent research by the World Bank confirms that small businesses are the largest provider of jobs in developing countries but inadequate access to finance is one of the biggest obstacles to small business growth. In Canada and the United States, small businesses use many different sorts of collateral – equipment, inventories, accounts receivable – as security […]

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