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The Canada-China Trade Relationship

By Samukele Ncube (Intern, Dawson Strategic) June 12, 2017 As part of Canada’s broader diversification strategy to reduce trade dependence on the United States, there has been a renewed interest in strengthening Canada’s trade relationship with China. The two countries share a long-standing bilateral relationship across several key areas such as trade, governance, energy, and […]

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Did You Know?

One of the largest criminal anti-dumping cases in U.S. history involved honey laundering. Dubbed as ‘Project Honeygate’, the product was imported illegally from China to avoid duties of more than 200%, and some of the honey was even adulterated with antibiotics! The investigation resulted in charges of about $3 million. That’s a buzz-kill for anyone […]

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Canada, China, and Foreign Investment

There is no shortage of controversy on the subject of Canada’s investment relationship with China – particularly in the energy sector. Dawson Strategic landed in this issue last summer with “Potash and Blackberries,” a paper written for MLI on Canada’s foreign investment review process. The paper argues that Canada’s foreign investment review process  is adequate – we […]

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