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Newsletter: Spotlight on New Talent

Have you ever heard of cabotage laws? Familiar with the term “trade infrastructure”? What are your thoughts on the implications of the U.S midterm elections for Canada? These are some of the topics that the students and interns connected to Dawson Strategic have been thinking and writing about.  In place of our regular fall newsletter, […]

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De-fragmenting Rules of Origin

Rules of origin have many uses in the global economy, including whether a product qualifies for preferential treatment in a free trade agreement, but, the complexity of these rules can undermine their  effective use within cross-border supply chains. A recent report, authored by Laura Dawson and Brian Staples, commissioned by the Canadian Council of Chief […]

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Dawson To-Date

The 20th anniversary of the NAFTA has kept us very busy. Thanks to the great team at Dawson Strategic for keeping us on track during a hectic time. In support of the North American Vision report, I travelled to Mexico City, Tijuana, Washington, and San Diego.  Now that we have added two more papers on […]

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LNG exports from the West Coast: Canada’s new energy centre?

  British Columbia, second only to Alberta in natural gas production, is positioning itself to be at the heart of Canada’s efforts to develop and export shale gas reserves. This will require moving gas from the northeastern part of the province to facilities on the coast. Once there, the gas would be converted to liquefied […]

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