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Mexico: Getting ready for new business

  Recently, Dawson Strategic had the opportunity to visit Veracruz, Mexico. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, the city was once the gateway for the Spanish Conquistadors and the fall of the Aztec Empire. Nowadays, Veracruz is the most important maritime port in Mexico, and a modern multimodal transportation hub that offers new investment opportunities […]

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The future is bright for Norway-Canada trade

Forecast growth rates for services trade and investment between Norway and Canada for 2013-2018 are expected to increase at a much higher rate than trade in goods according to a recent report by Dawson Strategic.  Despite a decline in Canada-Norway two-way trade in goods during the 2008 to 2012 period, services and investment provide opportunities […]

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North American Vision

For several months the Dawson Strategic Team has been involved in a special research project looking at the evolution of the NAFTA and future prospects for North American competitiveness. Together with my co-authors Christopher Sands (Hudson Institute) and Duncan Wood (Mexico Institute), we conclude that the best way for Canada, the United States and Mexico to achieve global competitiveness is by […]

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Staking Out Sensitive Territory in the TPP

 For more than a year, TPP partners have been holding their breath in hopes that the world’s fifth largest economy would join the negotiations.  Except for its membership in the WTO, Japan has been a reluctant player in regional and bilateral FTA fora. It has held back because of a number of domestic protectionist measures, […]

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