Canada: it’s time to strengthen controls over the trade in elephant ivory

On September 22, 2021, Dawson Strategic submitted a letter to the Government of Canada in response to a public consultation on trade controls for elephant ivory in Canada. In the letter, we urge the Government of Canada to take immediate actions to meaningfully strengthen domestic measures related to the importation and exportation/re-exportation of elephant ivory.

The benefits of strengthening controls on elephant ivory include furthering Canada’s contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), supporting our development partners, and protecting the health of Canadians by recognizing that the health of humans, animals, and eco-systems is interconnected.

We hope the government listens to the input from concerned Canadians and groups like Elephanatics, a Vancouver-based elephant advocacy organization. As we state in our letter, “there will be no second chances when it comes to protecting elephant populations, or any other endangered species for that matter. If enough countries take the bold steps that are needed now, we may be lucky enough for future generations to enjoy seeing elephants roam freely in the wild.”

Please share your thoughts on potential actions to strengthen elephant ivory trade measures by sending an email to: info[at]